Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Madeline’s 4th Fairy Party

I’ll admit it.  I show my children love by throwing them fun, what my family would refer to as “over-the-top” parties.   I consider it over-the-top when you break the bank, and I really didn’t (for this one).  Heh.
fairy birthday girl
We’re kicking it off with a fun birthday banner! 
pink red green fairy party
The paper pack is from Stampin’ Up, and I used Cricut Cartridges (Storybook for “birthday” and CTMH’s cartridge for “Happy”).  What I was the most excited about is the background.  I saw it used in a display at Michael’s and immediately asked if they sell it.  They DO!  It’s bulletin board background found in the education section for teachers.  There are all kinds too.fairy birthday party
On the table:  a fairy planter used to hold napkins, tissue paper lined clear bowls for goldfish and pretzels, fairy terrarium, extra goodies, and favors

fairy sugar cookies
I made these fairy cookies with royal icing ahead of time using flower, crown, and wand shaped cookie cutters.
fairy marshmallow pops
No, sorry.  These aren’t cake pops.  They’re just marshmallows dipped in melted pink candies and sprinkled with different kinds of sprinkles.  I suggest covering your foam cone in aluminum foil and hot gluing it to a candle stand.
fairy terrarium
I used a cake stand to make a quick fairy terrarium with a little decorated wooden birdhouse my girls painted, a fairy figurine, and some clay mushrooms, all nestled on a nest of faux moss.
drink station
The drink station:  pink lemonade of course with extra wide color coordinated straws and decorated little water bottles.
fairy bottle labels
The fairy stamps are from CTMH- Believe in Your Dreams, and Birthday Princess(?)
fairy station
As each guest arrived (wearing her own tutu by request), she was turned into a fairy by my 8 year-old helper fairies.  Each guest received dollar store wings, and a tiny crown, the girls blew bubbles around her, sprinkled glitter on her, and gave her her fairy name (middle name + favorite flower).
fairy costumes
My five year-old helpers were my “gift fairies.”  They took the gifts from arriving guests and put them in the appropriate place.
dress up station
Inside we had a dress up station
a doll house
face paint station
a face paint station
fairy lounge
and a fairy lounge where several fairy-themed books were collected.  Note the painted toadstool where Madeline sat to open her presents.
homemade fairy wands
After a little play time, the girls made fairy wands (dollar section at Michael’s) by decorating them with stick on jewels.
fairy party game
They needed their wands to play “What Time is it, Fairy Godmother?” 
fairy dancing
After several group shots and fairy dancing
The birthday girl blew out her candles.
fairy cake
Target does a really good job with birthday cakes in our opinion.  For this one, I chose the Tinkerbell cake, but I asked them to use the topper and accessories from the Fairy Garden cake.  Voila!
play dough favors
Each fairy went home with a package of sparkly purple play dough (see recipe) and rotini noodles I dyed pink.  They’re just fun to use with the play dough.  Each package was tied with a little bottle of bubbles and a fairy thank-you tag.
Lavender Sparkly Fairy Dough
3 cups flour
1 1/2 cups salt
2 TBS. cream of tartar
3 cups water
1/3 cup oil
3 TBS. food coloring (optional)
several drops of essential oil like lavender
a generous shaking of glitter
Cook over medium heat, stirring constantly until mixture forms into a ball. Remove and knead until dough is soft and has lost its stickiness. Keeps well in a sealed container for a good long time. This recipe makes enough for sharing.
The most adorable fairy of all was our 11 week old puppy, Sunshine!
puppy fairy
Enjoy!  : )


Kelley @

(found ya on a link party)
sooo adorable!! I love the background and the make your own wand :) looks like a fun party!


this is so cute luv it.
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Wow, what a party! It looks like you went through a lot of work, but I'll bet your daughter was in her glory! Great job, Jen @

Michelle Jones

Wow, Cori, that is the most fabulous party I've even seen. You have such creative ideas and the love that goes into all of your! Your girls are so blessed!


Found this on a link party, looks like a lot of hard work went into it but im sure it's something your daughter will never forget!! looks amazing!!


I Love the fairy party!!

We don't have a Michael's but we have a hobby lobby. I'm not sure if they have bulletin board back grounds, but I'll have to check! I love yours! Plus that cake it fabulous! Wish our target made cakes!

Courtney McAulay

Oh my! What a fun party! It made me feel like a little girl looking at all the adorable photos! Thanks for sharing this at the Crazy Cute Link Party!


This is really cute! Love the banner!

Jenn Smith Sloane

This birthday party makes me totally wish I was a kid again! So much fun and so cute!