Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Jimmy Buffett 2010!!

Look what I spied with my little eye at a BUFFETT show!!  There are crafty people every where and some of them even know how to party. 

Lots of cars had fins, but this one was the best by far.  It was completely covered in bottle caps.
 buffett 033
I hope who ever created this uber cool fin already had the caps and didn’t “take one for the team” just to have enough for a perfectly patterned car fin.  I couldn’t get close enough to see what their brand of choice was, but we’re going to assume it was Land Shark.

Of course, my crafty little brain kicked into overdrive.   I think we are going to forego a car fin (seriously, they were all over the place) and instead create a bikini for our Ford F-150.  That’s the plan anyway.
buffett 008
I’m a huge sucker for a big man in coconut shells, but as of this post, I’ve not been able to get Rich interested.
buffett 019
My two sisters and brother-in-law stress-tested our yard swing, and then there’s this little beauty…
buffett 015
Jon’s sweet throw-back ghetto blaster with an iPod dock.  Gotta love ebay!  Between this toy and our Redskin football field beer pong table, we were quite popular…especially with cops!
buffett 022
Buffett, 2011~  You know you want to come!!  (Now go back up and appreciate my crafted Land Shark Beer cap earrings…whatchachow!!)