Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Girly kaleidoscope

Man! I am on a blogging ROLL!~ This is what...3 in a row for me? Anyhoo, my BFF Kim and I learned how to make these wicked awesome kaleidscopes at a weekend crop we went to, and we were hooked. She a little more than I, I will admit. She actually turned her obsession into a business. Check out her website if you'd like to have one made for you.
This is the first one I made when I got home and actually had the chance to print reverses of pictures. (Note: get them done at Costco or online like Snapfish. Walmart doesn't play nice anymore and charges more for a reverse.) I apologize for the background clutter in the pic, but it just wouldn't have that kaleidoscopey feel if I just layed it flat like a regular page.
It's amazing how many different kaleidoscopes you can create with the same pictures, just by angling it a bit different. This project definitely massages the left side of the brain, and makes you appreciate your 9th grade geometry teacher a little more. You wouldn't believe how easy they really are...