Thursday, July 29, 2010

Bra and Panties card

    My favorite card EVER!  I received one like it in a card swap at the CTMH convention, and unfortunately, I no longer have the business card of the brilliant artiste who created it.  However, a friend pointed out that if you google "bra and panties card," there are literally tons of variations online.  This Cherry-O set is my version.  (Yes, I'm using Cherry-O again.  When you buy it in bulk, you kind of have to use it...)

    The best part about this card is that it allows you to break out those shaped scissors that never get any action.  I used scalloped scissors on the reverse side to create the edgy lace.  You can't see my bow made from matching tulip organdy right at the cleavage, but the straps are made from the same ribbon.  Choosing a paper pack that you have a coordinating stamp set for helps for the tuckus tattoo, but not necessary.  One version I saw online uses black swirlies as a "tramp stamp," a lower back tattoo just above the panties.

     So what do you do with such a risque card??  Lots!  Bridal shower, bachelorette party, "slumber" party invites (ya'll know what I'm talking about, heh-heh...), congratulations on your boob job, hey, you lost 50 lbs. and look great, whatever.  I'm sure there are other uses that I'm just too sun-spun from Hershey Park to think up right now.  But enjoy the card, and please feel free to post your version!