Thursday, February 25, 2010

Hokie Grad

There is really nothing in this world (for me) like a weekend retreat at the beach scrappin' with my favorite crafty ladies.  It's an opportunity to make new like-minded friends and catch up with old ones.  Talk about re-charging the batteries!  The next several posts will be the product of how I spent the weekend....

Hokie Grad- this was one of my favorites a.) because I am also Hokie alum and b.) I got to scrap something other than my kids (not that I don't love them).  Can you tell I'm proud of my bro?

I used a Close to My Heart product called flip-flaps to creat a mini album on the bottom left hand page (see below).  The tricky part is slitting the page protector with an x-acto knife at just the right spot to allow the flaps to come through.  That way, when you are leafing through the album, you can access each flap without removing the page from the protector.

Hopefully one of my kids will go to Tech setting the stage for many more Hokie pages to come!  : )

Monday, February 15, 2010

Water Balloon Toss

Any chance to get wet!  Savannah loved participating in the water balloon toss with her daddy at the Moose Club picnic.  And she was surprisingly good!  I think it was more her pace than skills that had them as a couple of the last tossers.  Savannah was very proud of her wet spot on her shirt, but hopefully this will be the ONLY time she prances around in a wet t-shirt...

Picnic Time!

One good thing has come from Snowmadeggon 2010- I've got nothing but time to scrapbook.  And to preserve my sanity when the dominating color is white, I pulled out some pics of sunny and warmer days.  This is a spread from August at the Moose Club picnic in Winchester.  I forget which park it is, but there was a beautiful pond with a bike/walking path going around.  Lexi came home with several Susan B. Anthony's she won in the sawdust dig, Madeline cackled on the swings, and Savannah loved getting wet in the water balloon toss with her daddy.  (See future post).  Thanks, Aunt Janet, for inviting us to the picnic!