Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Infamous Snack Bowl

 We all have one of those huge, space-hogging punch bowls, lying in wait for a baby shower or retirement party.  Put it to good use already!  Whenever we go to Costco and load up on a cubic yard of goldfish and pretzels, I come home and divvy it up into snack bags.  Throw in some granola bars, dried fruit, and leftover parade candy, and you've got THE INFAMOUS SNACK BOWL!!

Why we LOVE the snack bowl:
-  First and foremost, kids can help pack their own lunches.  They grab a fruit, juicebox, and snack by themselves.
-  DIY 100 calorie snack packs for mommy.
-  Snacks stay fresher longer.
-  No more 5 pairs of grubby hands sharing germs in the bottom of a chip bag.
-  No one will eat the last little bit of cereal in the box, but put it in a snack bag and they fight over it.
-  No storage issues for huge bags of chips.
-  Far fewer crumbs and spills on the floor.
-  Portion control for the kids.
-  I don't refill it until its mostly empty so nothing goes to waste.
-  Although its not very "green," we reuse snack bags whenever possible.
-  VERY easy to grab-n-go on the way out the door.  Throw a couple in the purse to avoid meltdowns.