Thursday, January 6, 2011

2011 New Year Goals Display

I’m really excited about this one.  Setting a goal and putting a plan into place to reach it are truly part of my Capricornian nature.  (Although I tend to be a little Pisces about seeing it to fruition sometimes…no offense to you Pisces…)
Here is a display I created to feature our family’s individual goals for 2011.  Keeping it right in the kitchen will hopefully be a daily reminder to tighten up!
New Year Display
New Year Resolutions
You can’t exactly read our goals, so if you’re interested…
     * Lose 15 lbs. by Hawaii (June)
     *  Be more positive about myself
     *  Pay off credit card
     *  average 2 scrapbook pages a week
     *  Do a pull-up
Savannah (5)-
     *  Learn to tie her shoes
     *  Ride a two-wheeler
Madeline (3)-
     *  (unintelligible scribbling)
     *  Consistent letter practice and write her name
Lexi (7)-
     *  Read 2nd Guardians of Ga’Hoole book by myself
     *  Earn 3 ribbons in Fine Arts Fair

And here are some more detailed pics of the display. 
New Year Banner
I used CTMH’s “Aspen” paper for a nice wintry look and liquid glass to make the letters pop.  My Cricut came in pretty handy for the letters and snowflakes- Storybook, Plantin Schoolbook, and Christmas Cheer.
New Year Goals Display
And of course, my trusty never-ending supply of stickles gave a nice icicle glitter to the flakes.
I have to take a moment to brag on my husband (and myself) for reaching a major LIFETIME goal just this past Christmas.
When we got married, we were a whopping 600 lbs. combined.  I looked more like a rotund snowwoman than the ice princess look I was going for at our Christmas wedding.  We could barely get our arms around each other, much less have Richard carry me bride-style over the threshhold.  It’s always been a little romantic wish of mine for my husband to be able to whisk me up.  (Some call it the Fireman’s carry- I call it bride-style.)
2010 was dedicated to our health and to date, I’ve dropped 110 lbs. (size 22 to size 12), and my husband is down 75 lbs.  Just before Christmas he made me get up on a kitchen chair and go for it!  It wasn’t “whisking me up,” but he did it, even took several steps, and said, “that wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be.”  Hooray!  And Merry Christmas to me (us)!
Thanks for looking!