Thursday, October 13, 2011

Face Painting With Gram

My mom does a bit of clowning on the side, usually at her work place- the YMCA in Lynchburg.  So during her last visit, we decided to get out the face paint and have some fun.face painting with Gram
The girls are painting Gram’s arms since she has a stringent skin care regiment.  I painted Madeline the cat, and my mom painted Savannah in the pink.  Don’t really know what she is.
Snazaroo is my favorite paint.  I know there’s better stuff out there, but it’s all I need and some what affordable.
face painting mommy
I am seriously lovin’ this rainbow cake I got from Diamond X(?)  It makes the uber-requested butterfly like a 2 minute quickee.  This is Lexi painting a flag on me- USA?  Australia?  Who knows….

The following three pics were painted on a different day, but I thought I’d throw them in just for documenting’s sake.
wrestler face paint
Savannah the professional wrestler (whose stage name is Merwoman!)
snake arm paint
With the shirt and the snakes…I’m hoping there’s no leather and a Harley in her future.  Buh!
Princess madeline face paint
And yet another picture of Princess Madeline.  I’m thinking I need to save the $15 per kid and just take the essentials to Disney with us next time we go.  She’s so happy!  : )

Thanks for looking!