Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Owl & Nature Bedroom

     Our major project this summer was switching around bedrooms.  The 2 1/2 year-old’s nursery became my 7 year-old’s OWN big girl room, something she had been “requesting” for some time.  Little bug was just too happy to move into “the princess” room, and my 5 year-old got to move up to the TOP bunk.  Something for everyone!
     After I put the brakes on a very teenage looking peace sign room, Lexi decided she liked the Owl and Nature line from Target.  (Thank God- Target is definitely doable.)  Here’s what we came up with.
owl room
My favorite piece in the room is the hedgehog bean bag, although the only occupants are usually stuffies.
     The walls are left over from Little Bug’s Pottery Barn “Under the Sea” nursery.  Since it didn’t completely clash, we just left them.  We’ll be moving in a year or two anyway.
bulletin board
     We had fun decorating this corkboard, edging the whole thing in funky ribbons…
…and making fun magnets with cardstock stickers.
name art
     The Life’s Delights paper pack from CTMH leant itself well to the colors and tone of the room with name frames…
DIY clock
…as well as a yucky brown clock I got at a yardsale we took apart and completely redid.  It’s a work in progress, but she is happy so far with her own “grown-up” space.

Monday, November 15, 2010

James River Gypsy- Dancing Skirts

     My girls are rich with dancing attire, although throw on some leggings with these skirts my sister made, and they can be worn every day.  These are just a spattering of what I could round up, all the girls have one in each of the themes.  I just couldn’t put my hands on the Christmas elf skirts.  SO cute!  When Halloween is over and I’m bummed about putting away the embroidered pocket skirts- BAM!  It’s time to get out the holiday ones.  (Speaking of which…add it to my to-do list…)
dancing skirts

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Magnifique mini journals

     This year I sent little first-day-of-school treats to the girls’ teachers.  They got paper cones full of chocolate, treats, and these mini altered journal sets using Close to My Heart’s beautiful Magnifique paper.
journal pen set
     I paid $2 a piece for the little journals at Staples thinking I was getting a pretty good deal until I found TWO PACKS at the DOLLAR STORE!  So  of course I loaded up, and if I know you personally, guess what you’re getting for your anniversary??  : )

     My favorite trick/tip with this set is the matching pen.  I get RSVP pens (the medium point are my favorite) specifically.  That’s because you can unscrew the top, take out the ink, shove in a 6” x 1/2” piece of rolled up scrap paper, put the ink back in a voila!  People will think you’re a genius!
altered journal
     Miss Pam, Mrs. P., and Mrs. Clark- you guys are the best! 

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Woodgrove display

     I feel bad for Woodgrove High School kids sometimes.  There is Valley stuff every where you look- even our local grocery store has their green and gold jogging pants and scarves for sale next to the cheese.  But Woodgrove?  Nothing.  Maybe it’s the town's way of saying, ‘We know you’re here, but we don’t have to like it.’  *I* say, the litigation is done.  The school is here.  It’s a pretty nice one.  Let’s support these kids and make their high school years great ones!
  Woodgrove High School display

  So in my small way, here is the beginning of a series of Woodgrove items I’m going to have for sale at my “booth” at the new funky store It’s Bazaar on 21st St. (Top of the stairs and just to the right.)  I’m also planning school color journals, photo cubes, fancy pens, scarves, maybe some jewelry, frames, locker cork boards, bigger logo corkboards, and who knows what else?  What would you LIKE to see?  If I can’t make it, I’ll bet I know someone who can!…

Friday, November 12, 2010

James River Gypsy- Monster Hats

      Because my sister Mandy would rather spend her time crafting than with anything having to do with technology (she doesn’t even use her dishwasher), I feel the need to take up her cause and show the world her goods.  I’ll be blogging a series titled James River Gypsy, her crafting name.  If you’re interested in acquiring any of her goods, let me know.  She’s willing to do custom jobs.
     I’m starting with my favorite Mandy gift of all time- monster hats!  She takes crocheting to a new level with these little gems.  The girls tend to fight over the hat with the long braids, and the smallest one is too small for my youngest this year.  I’m hoping we can turn it into something fun….which is a common goal for any crafter, right?
Monster hats
     You might also recognize some of her stuff when I get my tuckus in gear and set up a table at the new shop It’s Bazaar on 20th St. in Purcellville.  (They had me at their coffee bar…)  : )

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Steppin’ up my game

     Once you figure out that grease and cream-based paints are super gross, I guarantee your face painting will improve.  I prefer Snazaroo’s water-based paints.  Being a British company, their 18 ml tubs are hard to find.  Party City has a couple colors, but nothing to get excited about.  Ebay is probably your best bet.
     I’m still nowhere close to a professional- luckily kids are easily pleased, which pleases the parents.  : )  I’ve been painting at birthday parties, Halloween parties, Pump it Up, and an upcoming PTA event.  It’s fun, and anything people give me I split between supplies and Operation Smile- Lexi and I are trying to raise the $240 it costs to provide a surgery for one child.  If you have a charitable (non-profit) event coming up, let me know, and I’ll do it for free!
013 085 Princess 037 020 010 (2) Mermaid Face Paint DSC09073 094
Can you tell who my most cooperative child is??  : )

Monday, November 8, 2010

Halloween cupcakes

     Having a daughter born in Oct. is truly a gift.  Now I have an excuse to make and distribute fun spooky edibles!  These are the cupcakes Madeline took to her preschool class. 
     Pretty straight up- the skeleton cupcakes have a mini marshmallow head, and the spider webs are actually melted chocolate chips, drawn on a frozen cookie sheet to set.  Easy peezy!
Halloween cupcakes
Skeleton cupcakes

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Trunk-or-Treat 2010

     On my weekly romp through Joann’s Fabric in mid-October, I came across this red velvety fabric in the clearance bin and thought ‘this kind of feels like a tongue.’  Good thing I was alone because the cartoony light bulb blinking over my head was blinding!  And thus came together the easiest (or simplest is a better word) trunk-or-treat set up ever because I’m NOT a seamstress.  The only setback was the fact that I couldn’t find the quartz doorknob I got at a yardsale for $2 to pierce the tongue with.  It’s probably somewhere with the other items labeled “to be used later in a fabulous project” pile somewhere.