Monday, August 17, 2009

Mom's Book

Okay, so this 8x8 album is her Mother's Day 2009 gift, and I'm still not done with it. However, in my defense, we didn't go to Disney World until the end of May, soooo it might turn into a partial Christmas present. We'll see...
First page: Probably our favorite park, Magic Kingdom. I used the Mickey font on the Cricut, some sparkly confetti string and the map of the park as background. Yes, that's my 6' 4", 300 lb. husband in the teacup with the girls...(he'll love me saying that.)

Page 2: Our favorite character meal was Chef Mickey's at the Polynesian Resort. Who doesn't love a breakfast buffet in the middle of the day? Madeline wasn't much into the characters, but loved the napkin dance. Advice: take your kids on their birthday- they get all kinds of attention. My mom also managed to piss off Donald by telling him Mickey was a great cook. Only she can create drama with fictional characters.

Page 3: Pixie Hollow- we got to meet Tinkerbell, Irridessa, and Rosetta. It was a bit lost on the girls because they hadn't seen the movie, but it was cool watching it later. It was like seeing old friends in a movie. I was impressed at the lengths Tinkerbell went to to uphold the true nature of her character- a bit impatient, stamping her foot, etc. Cute. I had no idea a 21 year-old "woman" could wear a 4T...

Page 4: Forgot to take pics of both pages, oh well. Eat your heart out, ladies! I cut out the genie lamp by hand (and won't mention that it's draft #44.) Aladdin might have been my favorite character because he looked SO much like the original, which I might add I had a huge crush on in junior high. Jasmine was just as beautiful, but whatever. Being the first characters we met, my kids were shy and speechless. Savannah just giggled a lot.

Page 5: Hollywood Studios (previously MGM). One of Madeline's new words is Einsteins. She shrieked it repeatedly the last day we were there, which is when she decided to warm up to the characters. Our favorite ride was at Hollywood- the Toy Story Midway Mania ride, even Savannah could play this interactive game. (And for the record, mommy had the high score.)