Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Girly kaleidoscope

Man! I am on a blogging ROLL!~ This is what...3 in a row for me? Anyhoo, my BFF Kim and I learned how to make these wicked awesome kaleidscopes at a weekend crop we went to, and we were hooked. She a little more than I, I will admit. She actually turned her obsession into a business. Check out her website if you'd like to have one made for you.
This is the first one I made when I got home and actually had the chance to print reverses of pictures. (Note: get them done at Costco or online like Snapfish. Walmart doesn't play nice anymore and charges more for a reverse.) I apologize for the background clutter in the pic, but it just wouldn't have that kaleidoscopey feel if I just layed it flat like a regular page.
It's amazing how many different kaleidoscopes you can create with the same pictures, just by angling it a bit different. This project definitely massages the left side of the brain, and makes you appreciate your 9th grade geometry teacher a little more. You wouldn't believe how easy they really are...

Monday, July 14, 2008

Believe Album

I have a huge collection of stuff waiting to be altered, and I never actually do it. I'm a sucker for those clear buckets (what the hell do you ever do with something like that?), jumbo wooden clothespins, clipboards, empty formula cylinders, etc. I'm thinking family totem pole, dunno. Here is one of my many Bo Bunny chipboard albums with my favorite line of paper, Basic Grey. If you're like me, though, you have a hard time letting go of the paper. It's almost like I enjoy hoarding it more than actually using. Yes, it's a sickness, but now that our 2 scrapbook stores went out of business, it's a little more critical to make every centimeter count. Thank God for A.C. More (they kick Michael's butt-oot)!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Preschool- Lexi

I panicked the other day when I realized Lexi is starting kindergarten this year, and I haven't started a year-by-year school album from her previous years of preschool. And now that Rich is home for the summer, I've been able to play more. Now I've got to churn out a baby album for Madeline! I'm already seeing Back-2-School ads...where do the summers go??