Friday, January 7, 2011

TAPS Ghost-Hunting Investigative Journal

TAPS ghost hunting journal

This one is going to take some explaining…

Ever since we moved here in 2005, we’ve had lots of “unexplained activity.” I’m loathe to use the “H” word for fear of freaking out my kids, but even my husband has come around to the fact that we’re not alone. We’ve experienced the gamut from playful to truly freaky, and they/it (?) have made it very clear visitors are not welcome. It usually just manifests by blowing several light bulbs as soon as our guests leave, so we’ve adjusted by keeping a ready supply.

Imagine the temper tantrum “they/it” threw when I volunteered to host Thanksgiving. That week we lost my laptop (a friend wiped it clean and reinstalled everything), my Nikon D40 digital camera lens (got a new one for Christmas), our Direct TV (only for a couple hours), and our heavy stained glass kitchen light fixture came crashing down on my daughter hurting her pretty badly. Just recently, dangling Christmas lights shocked the hell out of my visiting brother only to find they were unplugged.

Long story, long…my rockin’ 6 year-old nephew is obsessed with the TV show TAPS- The Atlantic Paranormal Society. This kid knows his stuff, and has offered some pretty good advice. All he asked for for Christmas was the EVP app downloaded to my sister’s phone and a visit to my house to put it to good use, making him (I’m pretty sure) the youngest paranormal investigator out there.

They’re visiting this weekend, so I made him this little journal to log all his evidence. Normally I would include a matching pen, but I didn’t think it stood a chance of leaving this house. I have mixed feelings about hoping he finds what he’s looking for…
ghost hunting journal
ghost hunting glossary
I don’t think he’ll need the glossary, so it’s there for his parents.  ; )



We love that show so much. You will have to let us know if he finds anything. If your on facebook Jason from Taps is on there and updates pretty regularly.